It's in the Bag!! - The Best Modern Tote Bag

Brentwood Textiles Tote


We have a tradition of making a give-away for our fabric show, Showtime, out of our Revolution performance fabric. We’ve made tote bags and cosmetic bags. This year we have made a bag out of a circular jacquard. The original design was made for last Showtime and was inspired by the total eclipse. "Eclipse" was a larger pattern, about 24 inches with a repeat of 27 inches. We had a customer who wanted to buy the fabric, but needed the layout and scale altered to fit their needs. We made the adjustments to the size and half dropped the design. The re-engineered design is called “Phases”. We are offering it to all of our customers, but others may prefer the altered scale!

Showtime starts next weekend. We are working on all the preparations... making samples, setting up the showroom, double checking appointments, preparing check off sheets, etc.

This is an exciting tome for us. We love the synergy and collaboration of Showtime!

Brentwood textiles tote front view 

Brentwood Textiles tote side view

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