Clean Slate

Brentwood Textiles Inspiration

We just finished Showtime, a twice a year fabric show in High Point, North Carolina. We have tallied our requests for samples... we have listened to customer feedback... we know which styles were the most popular. This doesn’t always tell us 100% what is going to sell, but you know the consensus of which constructions, price points and looks that customers are responding to. We did write a few orders so that gives further information on preferred colors and combinations.

After Showtime is when we work on special projects with customers; such as color work, correlate patterns and merchandise collections of fabrics. We also start planning for our next line and try to build on the successes from the past line. We are working on new innovative developments that require new yarns and colors.

To find inspiration for the new line, we research trends in the home, browse shelter magazines, read blogs, search Pinterest and Instagram and shop retail stores. Visiting art studios is a great way to find inspiration as well. We need to know what we are shopping for, but it’s weird because you kinda know it when you see it! It’s your subconscious letting you know that doing your research pays off. 

This is the beginning of our December 2018 line. It’s time to clean off the walls and start fresh. Time for a clean slate... of course with a few successful formulas written back up!

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Brentwood Textiles Showroom quark wall

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