Take A Step Back

Have you ever been so involved in a project that you can’t think of anything else? This week the focus has been on setting up patterns, coloring patterns and setting up the final patterns we will introduce at December Showtime. It is cool to step back and evaluate the line and have a sense of accomplishment.

I’m stepping back to see what few additional patterns we may need.

It is also a time to step back and switch gears. The plans for the showroom for Showtime have started: waterfall samples, display areas and changing our vignettes of our product.

And, I’m also taking a step back allowing for the epiphany moment. Casually researching... magazines, to do lists, social media. The epiphany moment in this context is thinking of the thing that you don’t know you haven’t thought of.

Brentwood Textiles Vignette

Brentwood Textiles Vignette

Brentwood Textiles Inspiration

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