Do you Sell to the Trade?

Yes! We do offer trade account pricing. Trade accounts can be found by clicking "Create account" or "Log in" on the top right of the website page. We also have a page that says "Trade Accounts" in the page options. If you click any one of these portals, you can either login or sign up for discounted rates. Trade account pricing only qualifies for those who run upholstery, furniture, fabric retail, and interior design businesses with business licenses and resale tax certificates.

What is the difference between Brentwood Textiles and Revolution Performance Fabric?

Brentwood Textiles is a sister company of Revolution and works with them on many projects and designs. Brentwood's Creative Director, Katharine Dotterer, designs and hand selects textiles to be sold by Brentwood Textiles. She also designs patterns for Revolution Performance Fabrics sold on the Revolution cut yardage website. So what is different about Brentwood Textiles? Well, simply put Brentwood Textiles is our higher end home furnishing textiles that aren't Revolution. Velvets, jacquards, plaids, prints, plains, stripes, textures, floor cloths and anything that is non-revolution. Performance Fabrics are awesome, but so are other textiles as well. With Brentwood Textiles and Revolution Performance Fabric, we can offer something for every project.

How do I order Swatches?

Each pattern has a swatch or yard option for you to choose between. Swatches are 2.00 $ and cut yardage price depends on the design and type of fabric. The selection can be made in each product page.

When can I expect my Swatches to arrive?

Swatches will typically be sent out in 1-3 business days. Depending on your address location in the USa it should tale 3-5 days to arrive. If there are any issues, please contact us regarding your order

 Why should I order Brentwood Textiles?

Brentwood Textiles designs and hand selects patterns from around the world. We at Brentwood Textiles have exclusive designs to meet your decorative and interior design needs.