Brentwood Textiles Instagram Anniversary

Next week is our first anniversary of Brentwood Textiles being on Instagram. It has been better than expected to be a part of Instagram as a brand.

 It has so many benefits:

- our customers can get a glimpse of new product introductions and our design sense

 - we can show how our fabrics can be used

 - we can be inspired by creativity all over the world and then share what we find!

 - we can understand our customers brand better

 instagram logo


The Instagram world is a free exchange of ideas mainly in a visual format. We find that when we go to markets and shows, borderline strangers can know you and have a good understanding of who we are as a brand and company just from our Instagram profile!

 We also have forged some exciting new relationships with designers and influencers. These relationships can be mutually beneficial.

 Here are some pictures of some of our more popular/favorite posts. They represent product, collaboration with designers and inspiration from others posts!

 We would love for you to follow us, @brentwoodtextiles

 Brentwood Textiles in living room

Brentwood Textiles Folded Fabric

brentwood textiles on furniture









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