A Little Loopy

Fuzzy, furry, loopy fabrics are all the trend. I have a funny story… I was searching my photos for a cat picture, so I typed “cats “ in the search and a fuzzy pillow on a chair came up in the search!


We have developed a more sophisticated timeless version of this furry trend. Style “Poodle” is  a Revolution Performance texture made of a dry olefin boucle yarn. It tailors beautifully on sophisticated frames.

 We were super excited to see it made up at the High Point furniture market. At market, we saw a variety of this look. Poodle is designed to be used all over the home and not just on accent pieces.

 This texture represents the variety of fabrics we offer in revolution performance! We have flat, linen looks and heavy textures, chenilles, and now… loopy!


Fuzzy Cat Pillow Picture

Poodle at Thyer Coggin

Poodle from Brentwood Textiles

Poodle Closeuup picture - Brentwood Textiles


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