Twice a year the home furnishings industry has a show in High Point, NC. This show is an opportunity for textile companies to show their line of fabrics to potential customers. The customer can come and shop multiple lines in a few days. 

Oh my... this Showtime that happened this past week was awesome, fun, overwhelming and many more adjectives… especially, collaborative. The diversity of people that came to shop our line was incredible.

As the creative director, it is critical to have that direct interaction with customers. Their reaction, feedback and ideas are so important to the process. Our best successes have come from collaboration with our customers. We are truly partners.

We introduce about 70 new styles twice a year. Some of the highlights of this new line are:

- revolution performance plaids

- polyester chenille that looks like velvet

- super soft digital prints

- new revolution performance texture plains

- outdoor fabrics  

- revolution performance jacquards

I can write a blog about each category of fabrics, which I will. So next time, I will write more about our solid fabrics!!

Some of our customers prefer not to come to the show and have our sales representative come to them to show the line. I have to say selfishly, I wish they all came. Showtime is the best way for us to show our entire line both new introductions and relevant carryover styles from previous lines. We also give a few ideas on how to use our products.  

Our next Showtime will be in June!


Brentwood Showtime 2018

Brentwood Showroom for showtime

Brentwood Textiles Fabric Waterfall in Showroom

Brentwood Textiles Samples on hang

Brentwood Textiles Pattern Wall fabrics

Brentwood Textiles Social Media Wall in Showroom

Brentwood Textiles Dressed Manikins




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