Be Authentic

Showtime magazine recently asked us, “what are you doing from a product design standpoint to appeal to Millennials and younger consumers?” 

Based on my answer, you can tell that I do not like to group things or consumers into simple groups or categories… it’s both more complex and simple than that.

Developing product for our customers begins with knowing and understanding exactly who our customer/audience is.

The design process begins with research. We are like sponges always absorbing trends and the world around us. This is done by looking at multiple outlets:

- television

- social media

- websites

- blogs

- movies 

- magazines

- nature

The main change is with the advancement of technology. With the internet and social media, it is much easier to connect to consumers and influencers. The process is interesting... it’s a little scientific with trend extrapolation and a little intuitive with trusting your first thought. “Millennial or younger consumer” is more a state of mind or perspective rather than a certain age group of people. As always, multiple trends are going on at the same time. You have to decide what things are applicable to the product you sell. "Because we have always done it that way" is never a reason for doing something! We are constantly challenging ourselves and each other to provide the best product, value an customer experience.

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