You Got This! - Recovering Dining Room Chairs

Geometrics Brentwood Textiles pattern

 As I said in my last blog, I recently cleaned out my work space. That included an area where we save small rolls of fabric for various reasons; they may be in development, saved for customers or waiting to be tested in our lab. 

 My fellow employees clamored to see if there was some fabric we were discarding that they could use in their home. I was inspired to write this blog from listening to their conversations. Most had no confidence in their ability to make something. 

 I recently used our Revolution Performance Fabric pattern, Geometrics, to recover my dining room chairs. My parents purchased this set in the early 1960's so it was only appropriate to use a mid-century inspired design! This a popular design trend and there certainly isn't a  lack of places to find inspiration. MidCentury Magazine is a great source for ideas on designing in this style. 

 When designing Geometrics, we chose a popular geometric design. It is a small scale and is asymmetrical, adding to it's modern flare. 

 One of my favorite mid century sources on Instagram is Atomic Ranch Magazine, check out their account @theatomicranch

 Recovering a dining room chair is usually pretty easy. Here are some steps that apply to most chairs:

 - Remove the seat, it’s usually screwed on. 

 - Remove the existing fabric, it’s usually stapled on.

 - Lay a piece of fabric on a table slightly larger than seat, about 4 inches on all sides 

 - Start from the middle and staple the fabric on the back. Make sure to pull the fabric tight and smooth. Do this step in the middle on all four sides. Work your way out to the corners. The corners are the trickiest part. You kind of have to pleat them. 

 Then just reattach the seat and your done!

 Click here for instructions from HGTV on how to recover a dining room chair. 

 It was also perfect to use Revolution Performance Fabric for the chairs, because I don't have to worry about any spills or my cats taking a cat nap in a seat!

Next time you doubt yourself, remember "you got this!"  

switching to brentwood textiles


Folded Brentwood Textiles over chair


Brentwood Textiles Geometric on chair


Geometrics from top View

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