Soft on the Outside, Strong on the Inside

Why is olefin soft?

It hasn’t always been that way. Olefin fiber was first produced in the 1960's. Polypropylene (also known as Olefin) was used in the 1970's for upholstery and was used in many home's family rooms. Olefin's attributes make it perfect for upholstered furniture that is lived on daily. The fiber is durable, stain resistance, colorfast and has bulk and cover. The first fibers were coarse so the main negative was the hand, but in actuality it was soft but the fiber size made it a little raspy.

Olefin is made by extruding the solution through a spinerette. Originally the holes were larger, which made a coarser fiber. Now the technology has improved and the holes are smaller creating a much smaller and softer fiber. It’s just like the hair on your head; some people’s hair is fine and others are coarse, creating a difference in softness. Another comparison is the difference between puppy fur and adult dog fur. Today’s polypropylene has all the awesome attributes plus now it’s soft because now it’s a micro denier


Revolution Olefin Fabric Folded Olefin Fabrics

spinnerette for olefin threads

 Above : Spinneret 

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