There has been a trend for mud cloth inspired fabrics for awhile now and it's continuing to evolve. Brentwood offers several different mud cloths; patterns Malian, Mud and African.

 The original mud cloth fabrics are handwoven using hand spun yarn in Mali, West Africa. After they are woven, they are hand painted with natural dyes that are made from mud and plants.  The original fabrics are fragile and a little rough to the touch so our interpretation is a much more practical option. To learn more about the history of mud cloths, click here.

The simple geometric lines of a mud cloth give a modern, organic twist to home decor, but also have a relaxed, eclectic vibe. We are showing several ways to use these designs in the below photos. 

Our pattern, Malian, is available for purchase by the yard for your next project! Click here to see pattern Malian. 

mudcloth folded fabrics

mudcloth on bench

mudcloth pillows on couch

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