Put it to the Test

We develop product year round, but there are times when it is busier in our testing lab than others... now is one of those busier times! We are busy finalizing new styles for introduction in our December 2017 Showtime line - tweaking weaves and colors, naming, coloring and testing. In our lab, we perform the standardized tests for the furniture industry. We test every new style before we show it to our customers.

 The tests that we perform are:

DSF (Dynamic Seam Fatigue): tests for how a seam will perform in the field on a cushion.

Seam Slippage: measures the force required for a seam slippage of 1/4"... 25 lbs. is the minimum.

Tear Strength: measures the force to tear the fabric… 6 lbs. is the minimum.

Breaking Strength… this measures the force to break the fabric… 50 lbs. is the minimum.

Abrasion/Wyzenbeck: measures the durablity of the fabric to wear. It oscillates back a forth with a wire screen looking for wear and yarn breakage. Fabric that has minimal wear and yarn breakage at 15,000 double rubs is heavy duty.

Martindale Pilling Test: tests the fabric for potential pilling by rubbing in a circular pattern.

 All of these tests are performed to insure we offer a quality fabric to our customers!