The Translation of Artwork to Fabric

As textile designers, we approach creating new fabric designs many ways. The type of fabric dictates how we approach it. We usually create our own dobby fabric by being inspired by something, combining yarn with a new weave, etc. For jacquard designs, we purchase artwork from art studios in addition to creating our own artwork. After we purchase the artwork, we have to translate it to the fabric. We choose the construction, select weaves etc. So, in the art selection process we evaluate the artwork for scale, layout and ability to translate to a construction we run. Some of the artwork is also translated into prints. Sometimes we can even use the same artwork in different ways creating very different looks by changing the scale or the yarns used. It is a cool process!

Above: Pattern SUNBURST. Artwork on left, fabric on right.

Above: Pattern CARAVAN. Artwork on left, fabric on right.

Above: Pattern TREE OF LIFE. Artwork on left, fabric on right.